CABO WEEK 2021                          

If you want to join Patrick for CABO WEEK 2021, you must be a paid
member of :  

                                            (hereinafter referred to as CFB)

There are two levels of paid membership in CFB:

                             BASIC MEMBERSHIP

A Basic Membership is only $ 29.95 per calendar year.  Your Basic
Membership expires each calendar year at 12:00 Noon on Dec. 31st;
however, you will receive a renewal notice by e-mail in early November each
year.  Although Basic Memberships are on a calendar year basis only (not
pro-rated), you save many times over your Basic Membership cost when
you go on your first fishing trip with CFB, to say nothing of the fact that you
may choose to go on more than one trip per year.

As a value added extra, if you go on any trips at any time with any of our
other associated travel clubs,  your paid Basic Membership cost at CFB is
automatically refunded to you in the form of a special discount on your total
tour price for any trip at any time with an affiliated travel club.  Click on
UPCOMING TRIPS above to see the future of how you can keep getting your
money back with a Basic Membership in CFB.

To sign-up for a Basic Membership in CFB via PayPal click here:

                      CHARTER MEMBERSHIP

A Charter Membership in CFB is $ 299.50 for the first two calendar years
with annual membership dues for Charter Members reverting to $ 29.95 per
calendar year in the third year of membership.  

A Charter Membership carries all the benefits of a Basic Membership, plus
many enhancements, special privileges and "perks" that make it more than
worthy of your consideration.  For example, as a Charter Member, if you go
on a CFB sponsored fishing trip in your third year of continuous
membership, you will automatically receive a special price reduction on
every CFB sponsored fishing trip you take after you have completed two
years of continuous membership.  

As a Charter Member, the special price reduction on the first CFB
sponsored fishing trip in your third year of membership (or any CFB
sponsored fishing trip thereafter !!!) will be equal to your initial Charter
Membership cost of $ 299.50 --  in other words, your Charter Membership
helps us with our start-up costs, and you keep getting your money back !

Here are some of the other value added extras included in a Charter
  • 20 % Discount on any purchase from the CFB Store including the CFB Sports Clothing
    Line ! (look for our own sports clothing line as early as CABO WEEK 2021)
  • Exclusive right to participate in the nomination process for the INTERNATIONAL WEEK
    destination for the next year.
  • First right of assignment to Full Day Marlin Fishing Charters on our own CFB 40' + Luxury
    Sport Fisher (hopefully available as early as CABO WEEK 2021)
  • And much, much more -- we'll keep adding enhancements to your Charter Membership on
    a year to year basis (in fact, we're open to your suggestions at any time.)

To sign-up for a Charter Membership in CFB via Pay Pal, click here: